The Tower of the Americas, in San Antonio is 750 ft. tall.  

It offers a panoramic view of San Antonio and the surrounding area.

Glass-walled elevators ascend over 500 feet to the restaurant and observation level.

It was the theme structure for "HemisFair" the 1968 World's Fair hosted here in San Antonio and it symbolizes the progress made by the confluence of civilizations in the Western Hemisphere.


Here is a picture from the ground, looking up as we approached the tower's base

And here is what the place I took the picture from looks like from the observation deck near the top of the tower!






Tower of the Americas

If you click on the link above, you should get to see some pictures of the numerous fountains on the Tower Mall...below are a couple of pictures of me and Rex goofing off around them.




July 2000





July 2000



Here is one of me and my son at the same part of the Tower Mall as my picture above.  

This was taken in November 2001