Tubes on black backgrounds show themselves completely and can be used with any color background.

Tubes shown on white backgrounds either don't look good on black or are best left that way.



Statue of Quan Yin, tubed from a photo found on a website.

Mouse & PC tubed from a graphic found on a web site.  I made the screen transparent so you can put anything you want in it.


Mailbox top

Pulled from a clipart gallery on my hard drive.

Shown at 60%

The feathers...collected by me over the last twenty-one years as gifts from nature...falling out of the sky and landing at my feet, floating down streams and stopping at my side...every one of them came to me personally it seems and I keep these and others that I could not squish to scan stuck in a piece of cholla cactus filled with clay to keep them in place and fanned out.  Scanned and tubed the best I could for all the wear and tear they have seen moving around with me and surviving some pretty frisky cats as well lol.  These will be the finale of the uncovering of my old tubes and I'll start with my favorite and the one I used to make the Feather Tag in My PSP Arts section.









Shown here at 40%.  It is big, yes, but that allows you options you may not have had if I had offered it at the size seen.  The tag I made just used the end portion (at 50%), copied, pasted as a new layer, flipped, mirrored, and placed against its counterpart to make the feathery "bed".  It got a lot of compliments and I used it for a long time when I was known on AOL as "FineFeathrs".


There are 14 more feather tubes on the next page.
None quite this big but pretty nonetheless!  Happy PSP'ing!  As Always, Have Fun!  :)


August 20, 2002: I found 6 more of my tubes when I reformatted my hard drive and set everything up again!  2 Sandcastles, 2 Sand Dollars, and 2 types of Sea Coral! YAY!  You can get to them through the "Next" button on the next page and I will add more as I find them.