Tubes on black backgrounds show themselves completely and can be used with any color background.

Tubes shown on white backgrounds either don't look good on black or are best left that way.




Painted Feathers, found on a website that featured them as jewelry.
These were a big hit with the graphics list that I belonged to.



Cow Skull.  Found in my boyfriend's Photoshop images folder right 
after a friend asked if anyone knew where there were cow skull tubes.  
I got right on it *smile*.  Shown here at 60%


Lasso.  Definitely not big enough to rope that cow lol.
Put on a white background because it looks crappy on black.




Hummingbirds.  Asked by a fellow list member to tube these, I spent a few days of my spare time trying to get them perfect and then handed them over only to be sent a link days later by someone telling me to "take a look".  

There were these very hummingbird tubes being featured on someone's website as "New!" and the woman displaying them insisted (with caps and exclamation points lol) that she had tubed them, watermarked them and they "absolutely were NOT to be claimed by anyone else" (!!!).  
At first I was hurt, angry, and laughing all at once.  Later I thought, well, she could have done them herself although when I downloaded hers for comparison they were pixel-for-pixel identical to these.  As much as I doubted her honesty, I let it go.  I haven't been able to find the site recently.  Either I have not looked hard enough or karma paid a visit to someone?  Anyway, here are the hummingbirds I know I tubed.  I am sure I am not the only one who has. *smile*
I touched the one on the left up just a tad before putting it up here.
If anyone wants to start some kind of fight over them, get a grip...they're tubes lol.  

Show me something legal and I'll remove them.