This section of my site contains a small portion of the tubes I have made that I am placing here for free downloading.

I say "a portion" because I have  long forgotten which of the other of my (many) tubes that I personally tubed.

 *shrug*  As, and if, I ever figure out which of the others I have are mine I will add them to this site. *smile*


I made these tubes from scratch, from my own photographs, catalogs, or items that I own and scanned; by request from former fellow list members or from pics I fancied on the internet that wouldn't infringe on any one else's rights if I tubed them.  Unless otherwise stated, all tubes are shown at 100%.


These are my Terms and Conditions of Use: 

Once you download them to your own computer, they are yours to re-size or to clean up to your liking. They are for personal use only and are not to be included in any collection for sale or download elsewhere* or may they be used on any commercial site without my express written consent.

* Tutorial writer's are welcome to include downloads of any of these tubes used in their tutorials, with their tutorials.

All text and images contained herein are owned by and are copyright 1999-2003 Monique Sanders.
None of the contents of this site may be reproduced or re-published except as noted in my above-stated terms and conditions for use. 

You are very welcome to link back to this page with text or you can  Take your pick of logos.

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