San Antonio's River Walk is located almost next door to the Alamo.  

There are stairs leading down to it from the streets downtown or you can go through the River Center Mall where you can exit the mall and get right on a tour boat while enjoying live entertainment at the outdoor cafe.  The tour boat is the best route to take to see the beauty of the River and the fantastic architecture of the historical buildings visible from the tour.  Along the River Walk are plenty of shops and restaurants with both indoor and outdoor seating, making it one of the favored spots for tourists and locals alike.  Attractive and exotic landscaping is a bonus.



One of the places we like to stop to eat at is

The Republic of Texas

While we were dining, this momma duck and her babies paddled by.  That splash behind her is one of the babies diving.


This is a picture of a portion of the River Walk taken from the Tower of the Americas, zoom lens utilized.  :D