What's New At PunkinHaid's?


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Sept 1, 2002: The BladePro Studio, is up and running!


December 28, 2002: I've added a site with free Filters and Plug-Ins!  See It Here!


February 22, 2003:   I've changed the BladePro Studio's front page to feature the BladePro pages introduction/page index only.  I added an index button to each page to make navigation of that whole site much easier too.

I've also added new pages to my site;  Pages that feature my hobbies, the city of San Antonio, Texas, a page explaining the origin of "PunkinHaid", and a page of different colored PunkinHaid logos so that you can choose a logo that compliments your site with an open invitation to make your own because you never know...you could come back here some day and everything will be a different color...again.  :)


April 24, 2006:  I've changed the color scheme here again.  :)

Even better news is that I've fixed broken links and the last page of my Blade Pro presets (hanging in the ether without a proper link for three years!) is finally accessible (now that you all have Super Blade Pro and have long since given up using Blade Pro LOL).

I'd still go see it...the presets are some of my best; Page 11.  

I actually fixed the link in February of this year on a  friend's pc while I was deleting a virus someone kindly uploaded into every corner of PunkinHaid's realm.  The virus may have been put into the .zip files I have available for downloading but with this update they have all been replaced with clean versions...no one has written me yet saying they have obtained it through a download but I don't want to take any chances...I'd never cough in your face if I had a cold, ya know?


I added a photo of  the afghan I designed for myself on my birthday two years ago (at the bottom of the page).   I had hoped then to be updating this site "soon" but life happened while I was making plans.


It's been a long road since 2003.  I moved to Tucson, AZ in October '03 with barely the cash to get here.  I'd rant about all the crap that has gone on since then but I'd only make some people mad and there's no use in that or in whining anyway;  I'm back as long as the webmaster at lycos allows me to remain and as long as life allows me access the internet without hassle.  I am hoping later this year to obtain a more permanent residence for PunkinHaid's but there are still a couple of things on my "to do" list since last year LOL so we'll see...



I do want to thank the people who have visited PunkinHaid's while I've "been gone"; those who have signed guest books (w/o porn links lol),  written e-mails with genuine compliments or who have asked for my assistance...it's because of you that I am keeping this place going.  :D


There are new recipes in my kitchen with this update; Cantonese Beef, Garlic/Ginger Chicken Strips, Cabbage Rolls, Teriyaki Sauce, Salmon Loaf, Roasted Vegetables, Stuffed Manicotti Shells, Meat Sauce For Spaghetti, and 4 of my favorite Pumpkin Dessert recipes.


I also took out most of the pictures heading my pages and replaced them with either a graphic of text or text itself using the font "Nuncio", also added to my fonts & dings links page for download.


I made web pages for a couple of people while I was "away"; my friend "Ali" who owns and operates "World Wide Wrappers" and a site in progress for Mohamed, my neighbor, who owns "Blue Nile Record, Inc" and, who with his friends helps operate the local Sudanese Refugee Organization.


That's it for this update...coming when I get the time (lol) is a page or two or seven showing off the beauty to be found here in Tucson...Happy whatever you enjoy doing, Monique.