PunkinHaid Logos


Would you like to link to my site but aren't thrilled about my current color scheme?

Below are a number of logos for you to choose from to compliment your own site.

If you still don't see anything you really like feel free to make your own PunkinHaid logo.

Why the flexibility with a logo?

Because I may come back someday and change my color scheme again.

Because I want your link to my site to be aesthetically pleasing to both you and your visitors.


Just right-click on the image of your choice to save it to your own hard drive, add it to your links page and hyperlink it to: http://punkinhaid.tripod.com/


Thank you for linking to my site and please, feel free to have your site added to mine!

Just send me an e-mail with a link to your site and tell me where you want it featured

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All Logos Made With My Own BladePro Presets and are Subject to Change on a Whim. *grin*