Please Read Before Entering

It is my intention to provide Paint Shop Pro Users with access to online sites created to help them learn, not to put other people's hard work out here for other's to steal or otherwise abuse.
It is my intention to co-operate in full with the tutorial writer's whose sites I feature, to the best of my abilities, in making an effort to have people do the right thing and abide by their rules.
If for any reason this site is the end cause of other people's abuse of the work of the tutorial writer's featured within, the links to their tutorials or this whole section of my site will be removed.
I have written tutorials a lot more detailed than the one in my BladePro section and I know how hard and time consuming it is!  
Please be respectful of other's and the hard work they put in to helping you improve your graphic abilities by abiding by their rules.  
That is really not to much to ask and not hard to do at all.  A simple e-mail correspondence will prove to you that they are the kindest and most helpful people you would ever want to know.