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Here is where I will index my recipes as I add them and link them to their respective pages.

The back buttons on all of the pages will bring you back here, allowing you to pick and choose the recipes you wish to look at and try.  

When I learn how, I'll have the recipe links take you directly to that recipe rather than just the page the recipe is on.

This is not a gourmet kitchen and shouldn't scare you away.  I am a good cook, but also a simple cook.  I don't like to waste time, or money, and I appreciate good food.  

Single mothers, families on a tight budget and bachelor's ought to love this place lol.

I do hope you find a recipe that you would like to try!  All the text can be copied and pasted into a text document or e-mail for sharing with friends and family.  You are welcome to edit out my commentary.

My Thanks to Martin who heads the cafe' at Planet Preset for sharing a love of food and presets with me and for being the inspiration in the opening of my kitchen.


All of the recipes contained herein are owned by and are copyright 2002-2006 Monique Sanders unless where stated otherwise.  The contents of this site may not be reproduced on any website or published in any form for monetary gain without obtaining my express written consent.

2002-2006 Monique Sanders


The House Specialty

Chicken Cioppino

Chicken and Shrimp 

in an Italian Seasoned Sauce




Roast Beef

Shredded Bar-B-Q Beef

Sloppy Joe's

Poor Man's Stroganoff

Breaded Cubed Steaks

With Gravy

Cantonese Beef

Cabbage Rolls



World's Best Fried Chicken

Garlic/Ginger Chicken Strips

Roasting Poultry

Bread Stuffing & Variations

Poultry Roasting Table



Salmon Loaf



Tender, Baked Pork Chops

Ham & Scalloped Potatoes



Zesty Bar-B-Q Sauce

Basic Gravy

California Mudslide Gravy

Teriyaki Sauce


The Perfect Grilled Cheese

Italian Roast Beef Sub

Chicken or Turkey Club



PunkinHaid's Feel Good Soup

Chicken Vegetable Soup



The Best Garden Salad




Perfect Rice Every Time



Garlic Bread & Variations

Corn Bread


Pasta Dishes

Stuffed Manicotti Shells

Meat Sauce For Spaghetti



Green Beans With Bacon & Onion

Corn On The Cob

Veggie Sticks

Roasted Vegetables

Scalloped Potatoes



Apple, Blueberry, Cherry or Rhubarb Crisp

Lemon Squares

Save A Jack-O-Lantern~Cook A Pumpkin!



From The Kitchens Of Friends


If you have a recipe you would like to contribute, e-mail me!



One For The Birds

Hummingbird Food


Crock Pot Cuisine


Dinner Out Of A Can



Successful Cooking

Buying Vegetables

Picking Out Poultry


Equivalents & Measures

Equivalents & Measures

Common Abbreviations

Food: Yields & Measures


Kitchen "Extras"

Roasting peppers

Hulling Strawberries