These Are My Treasures:


My Rocks


Yep Rocks.  Wherever I end up in this world, they'll be with me as long as I can help it.


I found this one on the banks of the Little Miami River in Kings Mills Ohio when I was thirteen years old (1975).  I ran home with it and gave it to my mom as a show of love. 

She had my brother-in-law use it as an ashtray. :(

She gave it back to me years later.  Why, I don't know, but I am glad she did.



Ten years after I found that rock and over 2000 miles away from where I had found it, my (then) four-year-old son ran ahead of me one day to rush to pick this one up off the ground saying, "This looks just like your heart rock, Mommy!" when he came back to show it to me:



Indeed it did.

Indeed it does.

: )

Here they are together:



They fit together like they had belonged together all along.


I've had numerous people say that these rocks give off vibrations of pure love. 

Native holy men have held them in their hands as if they were made of glass, smiling and speechless for a moment before being able to agree with each other and say, "These are love!"  

One woman I used to know would even come over to ask permission to hold them when she prayed for her children saying that the vibrations they give off are the closest thing to God she has ever touched on earth. 

I don't know about any of that, as much as I believe in God and as much as I love everything and everyone.

I just know that they are precious to me and that I will have them with me as long as I have control over what I have with me in my life. : )